Monday, November 2, 2009


We had a great Halloween this year. The girls decided to be insects this year. Thought it was cute that they kind of went together. We started out the evening going up to our church's Harvest Fest. Two hours of games, food, hayrides and puppets! I volunteered for the first hour, helping with registration. Jon Paul and Betty took the girls around to play and we all ate together once I was finished with registration.

We left the church and went home to put some layers on - it was getting a bit chilly! We decided to start in our neighborhood and then maybe go to another one up the road. My sister Michelle and her family came to trick-or-treat with us. As it turned out, we had a lot of homes in our neighborhood with their lights on and the girls quickly started to fill their buckets. By the time we were about done, Rebekah was saying her bucket was too heavy to carry and her legs were tired of walking! Cute! We decided to go to one last house closer to our home and see them, since we passed them by before. Boy, are we glad we stopped!

This family was handing out free hot dogs, punch and of course, candy! We visited with them for a little while since we are neighbors, introducing ourselves. The mom mentioned they had a little hayride going and our girls should take a ride. They were all for it, so when it came back they couldn't wait to get on it! As Rachel was walking towards the trailer, someone yelled her name. It was a girl from her class, Kailyn! They were so excited to see each other - and even more excited to discover they were neighbors!! The girls and Jon Paul went on the hayride and trick-or-treated some more while I stayed back getting to know the family better. It was a nice time and glad to get to know some more of our neighbors.

After the hayride, it was time to head home. We had more candy than we needed and the girls were sufficiently worn out! Home to take a quick bath and get to bed. Rebekah was asleep before Rachel was all ready for bed! Here are some pictures from the night for you to enjoy!

Like Rebekah's shoes? Yeah, she doesn't have any black shoes yet and I didn't have a chance to pick her up some. So, she went for comfort and wore her crocs!

This was at our sweet neighbor's house, The Eberharts. The girls love Mrs. Sandy and Mr. Doug and they are so sweet to them.


Janie said...

The girls look so cute! Laura and I used to do matching costumes, or ones that went together; like one year Mama made us M&M costumes. She was peanut and I was plain! Fun times. :)

Karen said...

How cool the one house was giving out hotdogs and punch! I remember the days when you had to cram dinner in so you can just get out trick or treating. This way you get food on the go! :)