Friday, November 27, 2009

Cats - Volume 1

Well, I had two more posts to come up with. Both are while we're in Maui. I am really hoping to blog from there, but in case I'm not able to, I wanted to have posts set to autopost so I can fulfill my NaBloPoMo quota. So, here is random cat post #1. I thought I would share some pictures of both cats this time - Kathy and Bella.

Bella wants Kathy to like her so much. Kathy still isn't real fond of Bella. She hisses at her many times a day. But Bella just keeps trying. She watches Kathy, follows her around and picks on her any chance she can get. But when Kathy is sleeping, Bella watches, with a wish in her eye that she wants to snuggle with her.

Sorry for the glare, but they sat very close this time and Kathy never hissed at her. She did growl under her breath, but they even touched noses!

Jon Paul couldn't eat in peace. Both cats wanted a bite of his lunch.

You can't really see Kathy in this photo, but she is in the chair. Bella wanted in the chair with her, but Kathy was swiping and hissing at her. So, Bella got on the desk and watched her from above. And as soon as Kathy got out of the chair, Bella got down and chased her!

God knew exactly what kind of kitten this house needed. One that was brave and had a strong will. To put up with Kathy, she needs it! Bella is tough and will one day make Kathy love her, whether Kathy wants to or not!!

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