Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rachel's First Day of 2nd Grade

Today was Rachel's first day of second grade. I can't believe I'm the mom of a second grader! She was really excited this morning and ready to start this new year.

This past Monday night was the open house at Rachel's school. We were able to go and meet her new teacher. Her name is Mrs. Mitchell. She seems like a wonderful teacher. This is her first year to teach so she should be full of wonderful ideas and great enthusiasm. She was also recently married - a lot of firsts this year. Rachel was also excited to see that a few of her friends from last year are in her class this year. Her desk is among five other desks of all boys - something she wasn't excited about. We told her that I'm sure she will be moving around throughout the year and that this wasn't permanent.

Of course we picked out a new backpack and lunchbox. This year she chose a Littlest Pet Shop backpack and a Tinkerbell lunchbox.

She made this apple with a caterpillar on it for her teacher. It was made out of these foam thingies. Yeah, her creation didn't survive the car ride to school.

Here is Rachel standing outside her classroom. She is standing directly under the bus that has her name on it. She was excited to see that her new classroom was right across the hall from Mr. Patterson's room - the GT teacher. She is supposed to be tested after this first week and we'll know soon if she will be in the GT program this year.

Funny thing this morning. When we walked her into the classroom almost all of the students were already there and were sitting quietly, working at their desks. It was kind of odd seeing all of them being SO quiet! Rachel said her teacher kept bragging on them all day about how well they were behaving! Guess they were all a bit nervous! We can't wait to see all that she is going to be learning this year! Here is a picture of Rachel at her desk. She was excited about having her own desk this year. The past two years she has sat at a table with three other kids.

A shot of her first assignment! This is what everyone was so quietly working on!

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