Saturday, August 22, 2009

Girls With Curls...

I have many fond memories of going to bed at night with my hair tightly rolled up in pink sponge rollers. I can think of many pictures with my hair in tight curls. I bought some sponge rollers a few years back and when Rachel was in kindergarten, I first used them on her. She loved her new curly look! Well, with moving and building a new house, the rollers were packed away and forgotten about.

Last week, Rachel started talking about them again and asked when we could roll her hair up again. So, this past Sunday night I rolled up both her and Rebekah's hair in the sponge rollers. Rebekah was a little unsure about it all, but went along with it because she likes doing whatever her big sister is doing.

Rachel's hair is really thick like her momma's hair. Rebekah has really fine hair. They both curled up really good, but Rebekah's didn't last very long. Rachel's lasted most of the day on Monday. I forgot to take pictures of their hair rolled up, but here are some of the after shots!

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Janie said...

How cute! Mama used to always roll our hair like that every Saturday night! I liked the curls, but didn't like having to sit and get the rollers put in. Of course it also reminds me of Bekah and Annie since the 4 of us girls always had those things in our hair, it seemed. :)