Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just An Update...

I really need to get back into the swing of updating my blog more often. The summer has really gone by fast. June was really HOT and July has been warm, but fairly wet. We'll see what August brings us soon!

I enrolled the girls in gymnastics this summer. They both love their classes and we plan to continue them in the fall. This has given them something to look forward to each week. Each week they have spent a few days with my mom, "Granna", and it has been nice for them and yet another thing to look forward to each week.

This past Sunday, we took Rachel to my mom's for the week. She is going to a music camp at my mom's church every morning. Betty (my mother-in-law) and Rebekah joined them at my mom's house yesterday. They stayed last night and tonight there. Betty and Rebekah come back home in the morning. Jon Paul and I had the house to ourselves for two nights! I don't think we have been in our own home alone with each other in over two years! It has been nice and wonderfully quiet!!

This past Saturday night, Jon Paul, myself, my sister Cynthia, her husband Randy and my mom all went to the American Idol concert here in Little Rock. We got to see our very own American Idol, Kris Allen. It was a wonderful concert, very entertaining - despite the screaching girls behind us that spilled their coke all over our feet. We even got an up close glimpse of Kris as he walked right in front of us into the suite that his parents were in. Turned out, their suite was right behind our seats! It was a fun night! I'll post some pics once I get them from my sister. She took her fancy camera and got some great shots. She is supposed to be sending me a CD with all her pictures on it. I'll be sure to post some when I get it!

We still have some fun activities planned before school starts. I can't believe we are just three weeks from the first day of school! Rachel starts second grade on August 19th and Rebekah will start her Pre-K on August 20th! It is really going to be quiet around here with both of them gone all day. But I know I will be busy getting involved in both of their classrooms.

Well, that is about it for now. I'm sure I'll have some more exciting stuff to blog about soon. You'll just have to be sure to come back and see what's going on!!

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