Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy (Late) Birthday Rachel!

My first born turned seven years old this past Thursday, July 2nd. We've been so busy that is has taken me this long to get a post up. I wish I had done it earlier and let it autopost, but oh well. If I had, then you wouldn't get to see these great birthday pictures.

We started her birthday with opening all of her family gifts. Grandpa and Granna came over to watch. Mommy and Daddy got her one of the Just Like You American Girls dolls. She was so excited. The rest of the family pooled their money and we were able to get her several outfits, a trundle bed and some accessories. She has decided to name her doll, Jessica - which means "gift" - since she was her birthday gift. Smart girl!

After opening the gifts, we took Rachel to the church for the Thurific Thursday activity. They spent three hours playing in the Family Life Center. She had a lot of fun and her friend Jessica came home with us. Jessica and Rachel share the same birthday, only Jessica is one year older. Jessica's parents are Rebekah's Sunday School teachers.

Her party started at 3:00 p.m. and we had it at the Fun Factory of Cabot. It is a Jump Zone knock off. After a rocky start and argument with the owner, we ended up having a great time. Rachel loved it and had a wonderful time with all of her friends. She received some more great gifts and ate some yummy cake. Brandy at The Littlest Cake Shop made it for us. She did a wonderful job!

Rachel, in honor of your birthday, here are seven things I love about you!
1. I love that you are now my sister in Christ since you asked Jesus into your heart.
2. I love your servant heart. You were so nice to serve all of your party guests their cake and water, even when we said you didn't have to do it.
3. I love reading to you. I love reading the American Girl books to you. I hope we can continue these special times.
4. I love to hear you laugh. Your laughter is one of the sweetest sounds I know - especially when we play the tickle game.
5. I love your kind heart. I love how you are friends with people that don't have many friends. You are sensitive to their needs and hurt when they hurt.
6. I love seeing and hearing you read. I love to read and I hoped that you would learn to love to read as much as I do. You read 51 books this past June and I am so proud of you!
7. I love watching you and Rebekah playing. You are a great big sister and I have seen you teach Rebekah so much. Keep setting a good example and I hope you and her are best friends forever.

Here are some pictures of Rachel's special day. Enjoy!

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