Saturday, May 2, 2009

Walt Disney World Vacation - Animal Kingdom

Thursday, April 23rd
And we're off to Animal Kingdom. The girls were excited about seeing all the animals and going on the safari. Rebekah really wanted to see Simba from the Lion King. Before we even entered the park, we got to see Timon and Rafiki and then Pluto.

We saw several animals while walking into the park and up to the Tree of Life. Jon Paul went ahead to get us some fast passes for the safari. I took the girls to where the characters were. The girls got to meet Pocahontas! Once Jon Paul got back, we went in to see the Lion King show. It was amazing and Rebekah loved getting to see her favorite characters from the Lion King. After the show we grabbed some lunch and headed for our safari. The safari was a lot of fun. We got to see a lot of animals. The only one we didn't get to see was the lions - they were hiding out.

Jon Paul went and got fast passes for Expedition Everest. This would be Rachel's first BIG roller coaster. We did ride Big Thunder Mountain at Magic Kingdom - even Rebekah got to ride that. But Bekah wasn't quite tall enough to ride Everest. Another thing I forgot to mention we did at Magic Kingdom was that we all rode Splash Mountain. It was so much fun. Well, Rachel and Jon Paul ended up riding Expedition Everest THREE times. Rachel said that was her most favorite part of the whole vacation. While waiting for Rachel and Jon Paul to get back from Everest, I took Rebekah and we rode the TriceraTop Spin. It was just like the Dumbo ride, only dinosaurs. She loved it. Jon Paul and the girls also rode Kali River Rapids - twice. We also watched the Finding Nemo show - another amazing show!!

We ate a good dinner at Flame Tree BBQ and by then the park had cleared out some. Again, we were taking advantage of the Extra Magic Hours. We decided to check out the safari ride again - we walked right on with no wait. That pretty much ended our day there and we headed back to our resort. Another fun (and tiring!) day. Here are pictures from the Animal Kingdom - enjoy!

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Karen said...

Love Everest even though I hate big roller coasters. I can usually ride it twice before I have to give in to the motion sickness! The theming is so awesome it's worth it! :)

I see you got to experience our skywriter. :) He's around here a lot. From our house we are always seeing messages about how God loves us. :) Great reminder. :)