Thursday, April 30, 2009

House of Jones Meets Pediascribe

A personal highlight of our vacation was being able to meet a blogging buddy of mine. We've been communicating back and forth with each other since January of 2008. We both have recently moved and built a house. Only she moved to a much more fun place - Orlando!!! After she moved, we continued to talk and she gave us some good advice about planning our trip to Disney World. I would consider her and expert on all things Disney! Also, she got on the Twilight bandwagon and we were able to discuss all the wonderful things about the books and the movie.

So, on Monday of our vacation, Karen was kind enough to venture over to the Magic Kingdom to meet up with us. It was a welcomed visit and she helped me with the girls, which allowed Jon Paul to go ride some "big boy" rides. He was able to go on the Haunted Mansion and the Pirates of the Caribbean rides. Us girls took in a few shows and visited until it was time for Karen to get back to her family. It was great to meet in person - and to think we would probably never had met if she hadn't moved to Orlando! Check out her post, If You Build It...
and see her perspective on our visit together. Karen - it was a joy to meet you and hope we continue to be blogging buddies for years to come!!


Morgan said...

Thank you so much Jennifer for the noock idea. I just might do that :)

Karen said...

It was AWESOME meeting up with you! :) And I loved that your girls just hung all over me like I was the shiny new toy. My kids don't do that anymore. I have a hard enough time getting my 12 yr old ds to hold my hand. :)