Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Lemonade Award

It's called the Lemonade Award and I received it from an old friend, Wendy. Wendy and I go WAY back to my teenage years and even younger! Thanks friend and I appreciate your kind words and your thoughtfulness of thinking of me.

Now, for the rules:
First, you should give link love to the person who gave you the award. You can click on her name above or click here to go check out her blog. It's a great read and her kids do some of the funniest things!

Secondly, nominate ten of your favorite bloggers to receive the Lemonade Award! Be sure to let them know via email or a comment on their blog that they have been nominated!

Here's my ten, in no particular order:

1. The Mother Letter Project - This is Seth's blog, another old friend from my teenage years. He has grown into a wonderful man, husband and father. Check out this blog to see the incredible gift he gave to his wife this past Christmas. Love ya Little Buddy!

2. Elliott's Excellent Eats - This is a second blog of a new friend, Sarah. I like this one because she share's some yummy and easy recipes.

3. Hutchinson Happenings - This is my sister's (Cynthia) blog. I am giving this to her in hopes this will encourage her to get back into the swing of posting again. Her last post was an exciting one though!

4. The Run-A-Muck - This is Seth's (from above) wife's blog. I was just recently introduced to it and I have quickly come to love it. I want to spend more time reading some older posts.

5. My Little Korner of the World - This is another old friend, Janie's blog. She is new to the blogging world and I hope this encourages her to keep it up!

6. Rx of Life - This is my friend, Michelle's blog. We met through of kids Mother's Day Out program, became friends through scrapbooking and now get to be blogging buddies too! I don't get to see her as much anymore now that our kids are getting older, but I love to read and be encouraged by her words. Also, we both married around the same time and had our kids around the same time. She had two boys and I have two girls!

7. The Brewers - This is my friend, Jennifer's blog. She lived near me for a short time while she was stationed at the Little Rock Air Force Base. She never liked it here in Arkansas, she was a Texas gal through and through. But we found one interesting thing we had in common - we both met our husbands online!

8. PediaScribe - If you have been around here a while, you have heard me talk about Karen. She and I have never met in person, but we have come to know one another pretty well online. I hope to meet her in person soon. She also has some really incredible neighbors. Next time we go visit her neighbors, we hope to meet Karen and her family!

9. The R House - I don't know Mrs. R personally. I was introduced to her via a podcast I listed to called Mommycast. She writes a lot about her struggles with infertility and her journey into adopting two of the cutest boys you will ever see. She is a strong person and I love to read her posts. Although I personally never struggled with infertility, I have friends who have. I have passed her blog onto many people that I thought would benefit greatly from it.

Signing Times - Rachel's Blog - Another person who I don't know personally, but I love her blog. I was introduced to Rachel by my sister, Patty. My niece who is autistic was thriving while watching Rachel's Signing Time DVDs. My sister gave my girls some of the DVDs as a gift and we quickly became to love it too. Check out her blog and check out Leah's story and Lucy's story. These are Rachel's kids and you can see where Signing Time originated.

There you have it! Enjoy and thanks for the lemonade, Wendy!!


Lindsey from The R House said...

so nice! thank you. i will post about it after my year in review this week.

and btw, i did another mommycast interview the other day about gavin's adoption. enjoy!

Amber said...

What an honor, Jennifer! Thanks for the encouragement. Seth really turned out, didn't he?

Janie said...

Thank you, Jennifer! :)