Sunday, October 5, 2008

A-1 Razorback Moving Company and the BBB Part 2

Part 2 of our dealings with A-1 Razorback Moving Company and the BBB. See previous post for more information about the saga.

Here is the response that A-1 Razorback Moving Company sent to the BBB on 9-10-08 about my letter:

"We did the move for Mrs. Jones August the 4th. And resolved her issues that day. We compensated her with a credit on her bill the day of the move with the amount she asked for. Now over a month later she comes back wanting more?"

Yeah, that didn't set well with me. It wasn't all about the money. It was about the principle and the unprofessional acts and attitudes their workers had. So here was my first response to them sent that same day (9-10-08):

I called the day of the move to discuss a few damaged items and never received a call back. I tried to talk with the worker about it, but again, he wouldn't give us a straight answer and acted as if he didn't care a bit about our stuff or the way they treated us.

The $100 compensation that was taken off the bill was strictly for the desk (as noted on receipt). No other damages were discussed. I was waiting for a call back from the manager about the rest. We can see now that never happened.

I have called twice more since the move and yet again never received a call back. Several other items weren't found to be broken or damaged until we unpacked them and it has taken us this past month to get everything unpacked and put away. I have two small children and a job, so everything couldn't be done all at once, soon after the move.

The more we found damaged and broken, the more unset I became. Since no calls were being returned, this was my next option.

The BBB sent me an email also that same day, asking whether or not I accept their response to my complaint. This is what I immediately wrote back:

(Sent on 9-10-08) I don't accept this response because I don't feel it is a response at all. They didn't address any of the issues we had and made no attempt to even admit their wrongdoings. Yes, they did compensate us with a credit on our bill - but that was strictly for the damage to the desk. No other issues were or have been discussed because the manager/owner refused to return my calls.

I also feel that their "response" is also unprofessional. Does it matter how long it has been? It takes time to unpack the hundreds of boxes and get a house put back together. And they know I have not been happy. Someone has been taking and receiving messages from me, so this should come as no surprise to them.

To validate this complaint or to see the documents for yourself, click on the link below under the heading that says, "BBB and A-1 Razorback Moving Company Documents."

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