Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rebekah Funnies...

My darling little Rebekah, she is just so precious and funny now. Wanted to share a few precious and funny things she is saying and doing right now. Plus, if I document them here, I'll have something to refer back too!

One of my favorite things is when I say, "I love you." She responds with, "Love too!" Melts my heart every time!

She is really into pretend play right now. She will walk around the house, talking on her phone from her kitchen set. She will walk around, with her purse on her shoulder, saying things like, "Oh my gosh!" "Is he in trouble?" "What happened?" "Are you okay?" Then she says, "I gotta go. Bye-bye!" Every time I ask her who was she talking to, she says, "Ms. Kim" and then she tells me one of the following stories:

1. Ms. Kim has a big deck at her house. Where is her deck? In her closet. Her house is really far far away!

2. Ms. Kim has a cat. Her cat is on her roof. I need to go help her get it down. OK. I'm back. I got her cat down. I didn't use a ladder. I just reached up, up and up and got her cat down.

It's so funny to watch her. Sad too, guess she sees me doing this WAY too much. I do talk to my friend, Kim, on the phone a lot. And I guess in my little three year old's eyes, sometime major must be going on every time we talk. So keep this in mind...they are watching you. Even when you think they aren't paying any attention!

Another thing, since we have moved into the new house, she likes to invite us to HER new house. Now her house is usually either her bedroom or the playroom. She invites us in and closes the door and tells us all about HER new house. Guess this is a play off us showing off our new house!

Here are some of her most recent cute pronunciations:
1. "High Schoolsical" - High School Musical
2. "Dooby Doo" - Scooby Doo
3. "Chipmucks" - Chipmunks

Thanks for letting me share!

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