Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rachel's First Day of School

Rachel's first day of first grade at her new school!

She was so excited about going to first grade.
She picked out her outfit for the first day...
ALL High School Musical.
She also has a HSM backpack and lunch box.

We were really impressed with the school
when we went to the Open House on Sunday.
The school is really colorful and clean.
Her room was decorated in a farm theme.
There was a barn with a ladder in the
corner, a nice place to read a book.

We also love her teacher, Ms. Buck.
She seems so nice and fun.

For Open House, Rachel made her a card.
She came to me before we left and said she
wanted to put a gift inside for her teacher.
She said she wanted to give her money.
I told her, "Well, you have your tooth fairy
money if you want to share it with her."
So, she put $1 inside.
Guess we're already bribing the teacher! :-)

Rachel was a little hesitant to go sit at her desk.
But when she saw the girl next to her had on a
HSM shirt too, she was more excited to sit down.
(Doesn't the boy behind her look like he's checking her out?)

Hopefully she has a great day!!


Karen said...

Oh yeah, he's checking her out all right. :)

Sounds like a great school and teacher!! Rachel is glowing!

Unknown said...

We had a great day! I can't believe I made the blog already. Rachel is absolutely precious. She has already started to make friends and has been a great helper to me!