Thursday, May 22, 2008

Locks of Love

Today was the day.
We've been talking about this for months.
This past winter, Rachel and I talked about
donating our hair to Locks of Love.
She was really interested in it and
we learned about why some kids (and adults)
don't have hair and need special wigs made for them.
If we were to grow our hair out, we could
get it cut and donate it to help someone who needs it.
So today, we cut out hair.
Here are the before shots (the first one is me!):

We had two great hair stylists, Holly and Tiffani.
Holly cut my hair and Tiffani cut Rachel's.
As you can see, they put our hair into two ponytails,
since we are both blessed with extra thick hair!
I was first and I was nervous.
I told Holly I wanted the minimum, ten inches, cut off.
As she started cutting the first ponytail off,
I could see that it was going to end up being a lot more.
She kept pulling at it and ended up cutting it...
really, really crooked.
The second ponytail went a lot better,
but the damage was done and one side of my hair
was significantly shorter than the other.
You can see this in the photo below.
Rachel was so excited about getting hers cut,
she kept asking, "Are you cutting it now? Is it gone?"
She's too funny.

Here is Rachel with her tails cut off!!!

After the cut, we were treated to the spa treatment.
We both got our hair washed.
Rachel had never had hers washed at a salon before.
She was so excited, but she was a little bit
too short for the sink/ Tiffani improvised:

Rachel loved having her hair washed.
She said the shampoo smelled like grape nerds.
Of course, she was sure to tell Tiffani NOT
to get any water in her eyes!
After our shampoo, the stylists got busy
shaping our new hairstyles.
Rachel was in one room and I was in another,
so it was a surprise for us to see what the other looked like.
So here ya go, the after shots:

Rachel loves, Loves, LOVES her new shorter hair.
She was so bubbly after she got it cut.
Tiffani even found some bobby pins with
jewels on them to set it off.
Talk about making her feel like a princess.
Rachel finished before I did,
so Tiffani asked if she could paint her nails.
Wow, she got the full treatment, manicure and all!!
Here she is showing off her nails and the back of her hair.

As for me,'s ok.
It is a WHOLE LOT shorter than I have EVER had it.
Holly did a great job evening it up,
but she had to cut quite a bit more off.
She was kind enough to tell me that
this hairstyle is really popular now!
Don't know if that made me feel any better or not.
It is cooler and that will be nice this summer.
And it will grow back out.
When we got home, Rebekah sai
me and Rachel looked like Granna!!
That's my mom, for those that don't know her by Granna.

We both had the required ten inches for Locks of Love.
My bag of hair is a little heavier than Rachel's bag.
But both bags will hopefully help
someone out there that needs some hair.
I feel good knowing we are helping others.
And I enjoyed doing this with Rachel.
There is just something about your kids...
you will do anything for them,
including cutting ALL your hair off!!


Sheila said...

Wow! How very sweet and generous of both of you sacrificing your hair for charity! What a big change! You both look great with short hair! I'll bet it's so much easier to manage and take care of now! Were you two nervous? That was very brave what you and your daughter did! I was just curious are those bobs you guys both got? Bob haircuts are so cute and stylish these days! I know you've already taken a lot of pictures, but I would love to see even more additional pictures of your new haircuts! They're just so cute and stylish! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a great, caring thing to do! You two are just so sweet! Love the new haircuts! You should have taken more pics of your new haircut! It looks really great!

Sheila said...

Good for you two! You and your daughter look great with short hair! For such a good cause! Were you guys nervous? Are you going to keep it short or grow it out again for locks of love? I'd also love to see even more additional pictures, too!

Sheila said...

Wow! You two cut your hair really short, didn't you! It must feel good to have short hair! More after pictures of the new haircuts, please!

Karen said...

How wonderful you both did that. I don't think I could. If my hair even gets the least bit too long (i.e. longer than yours is in your after picture) I nearly rip it out with my own hands! So an extra 10 inches? Yeah, not gonna happen!
You guys both look great!!

Jennifer said...

Well, if I get brave, I'll try to pretty myself up and take a few more of my haircut. I think I would be open to growing it again for donating, right now I'll just be happier if it grows a little more! Oh, and the stylist said we both got the stacked bob style. So...check back for more after shots of me.

Anonymous said...

I'd also love to see more after shots of your daughter's new haircut too! It's just so cute and stylish! Thank you!

Sheila said...

Yeah, I'd love to see more pics of your daughter's haircut, too! She must have been very brave to do such a courageous thing!!!

Jennifer said...

OK ladies, I've posted a new post with another photo of Rachel! Enjoy!