Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter. We started celebrating yesterday. Some friends of ours hosted their annual Easter Egg Hunt. They hid approximately 1,300 eggs for kids of all ages to find. It was really amazing. This was our second year to attend and it was even more fun this year. Rebekah was more into it and of course, Rachel was super excited. The eggs all contain either candy, toys and some even have money. And the coveted Golden Egg has a Five Dollar bill in it. All morning long before the hunt, she kept telling us, "I'm going to find the Golden Egg!" Well, to our surprise, SHE DID!! Here are some photos from the big hunt.

After the Egg Hunt, we headed over to my parents house for another egg hunt and dinner. Both the girls got WAY too much candy, some toys and about $16 in money for their piggy banks. This morning we made it to church. Rebekah was not happy about going to her class, so she went to big church with all of us for the first time. She did really well. She was quiet, colored and very well behaved. I was so proud of her. Here are some pictures of the girls in their Easter dresses, along with their baby dolls in matching dresses!

And a funny Easter revisited. On Easter in 2004, Jon Paul's parents came up for a visit. We had Easter dinner over at my parents house. Rachel was about 21 months old. She loved (and still loves!) to play with my mom's large Easter eggs. We were trying to get some family photos taken and she thought it would be funny to put one on Nana's nose. Here is the photo:

Rachel remembered doing this to Nana. This year she came running out with the egg and said to Nana, "I need to put this on your nose!" So, in true scrapbooker and blogger form, I grabbed the camera and told her to go for it! Here is the revisit:
Hope you all had a great Easter! Until next time...


born2bmomma said...

I just posted our Easter pics this morning. My girls had matching baby doll dresses this year too - AWWW!

Anonymous said...

I cannot get over how much Rachel looks like you.
I saw Carrie Nunnley (sp?) at church... didn't talk to her but she looks THE EXACT SAME. I mean, exact.