Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Rebekah!

My baby is three years old! I can't believe it's been three years since I gave birth to my sweet baby, Rebekah Shelaine. She has had so much fun with this birthday. She really gets it now.

We had her party this past Saturday at Mega Gymnastics. A lot of her friends came and had so much fun running, jumping, climbing, etc. And, per her request, we had a Rocket Cake. She was determined to have Rocket from the Little Einsteins on her cake and with the help of a friend, her wish came true. Today, she has a small celebration at her school with her friends and then tonight we took her to eat pizza, again her request.

To honor her, I will list 3 things I love about her...

1. I love her love and gentleness for animals. She has a special connection with out cat, Kathy. She loves Kathy and Kathy comes running when Bekah gets up the morning or comes home from school. They are the best of friends. She also loves ponies, puppies and penguins (a.k.a. Pablos - what she calls them!).

2. I love her sense of humor. She has the best laugh. It melts my heart.

3. I love her blue eyes. She gets them from her Daddy. Every time I look into her eyes, I see her Daddy. And I love her and her Daddy with all my heart!

Happy Birthday Rebekah!

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea that Abi and Rebekah had the same birthday...too cool!

Jennie Brewer