Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sickness and Stairs

Today we got some work done, but not as much as we had hoped. I was awaken at 2:30am by Rachel. She wasn't feeling well and I took her temperature, it was 103. I gave her some Tylenol and she went back to bed. A little after 7:00am, she woke up again. She was crying, not feeling well, so she got into bed with me. She went back to sleep. Around 8:00am I could tell she was on fire. I took her temp again and it was 104.7! That's the highest she has ran since she was seven months old and had RSV. I called the after hours line and they recommended taking her up to AR Children's Hospital. Ears were clear, throat looked okay, strep test negative, but she has a nasty cough. The doctor ordered a chest x-ray. He said there was a specious spot that looked like the beginning of pneumonia. Yuck! So, she is now on an antibiotic. Her fever stayed around 104 when the Tylenol wore off. Poor baby.

Rebekah didn't like it one bit that her sissy was sick. She was so sweet. She was getting Rachel's blanket for her, getting her stuffed animals to sleep with, getting her water. It was precious. At one point Rebekah said, "I love sissy. I was her play with me." Rebekah got to spend some one-on-one time with her Granna while we were at the hospital. That made her real happy!

Jon Paul stayed here to get the U-Haul and my step-dad came over to help him load it and unload it at the storage unit. By the time we got back from the hospital, they had started working on installing the attic ladder. It took them a while, but they got it done. We cleaned out the garage (swept and re-organized), cleaned one more window and played some games on the Wii.

Tomorrow, some more work. Clean more windows, trim some bushes, rake the yard, install new back-splash in kitchen and maybe start on my Creative Memories closet. We'll see. Hopefully Rachel will feel better. Until next time...


Karen said...

Can she do Motrin? That works so much better for those high fevers. In fact, you can alternate Motrin and Tylenol giving them every 3 hours....
for example, Motrin at noon, Tylenol at 3, Motrin at 6, Tylenol at 9.
I remember several illnesses with my kids when we had to do that.
Hope she feels better soon. Poor little thing. :(

Jennifer said...

She has a sensitive stomach. Even Motrin seems to upset her tummy. But, we ended up giving it to her when her temp was at 104 at the three hour mark after giving her Tylenol. The Motrin does work better, her fever was normal when she went to bed. But, she did complain of her stomach hurting. Guess you trade one ailment for another!! She has 102 temp this morning, so we did Tylenol first. We'll see how today goes. She does seem to feel better, she's talking non-stop like normal.