Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Today I turned 34. It's been a good day. The girls are still out of school, so we stayed around the house all day. We did schedule a babysitter to come and Betty, my mother-in-law, took me, Jon Paul and my mom out to eat at Benihana's. Yumm-O!! My steak was cooked to perfection and I ate way too much. I even have some rice left over to eat for lunch tomorrow!

Jon Paul was sweet and sent me roses with two balloons (for the girls!). However, when they came, they smelled strongly of cigarette smoke! I hate the smell of cigarette smoke and he plans on calling tomorrow to complain. They do smell better since they've been here a while. They are really beautiful. I also got a new game for the DS, Luxor, and Monopoly Electronic Banking, some money, and a gift yet to arrive from my best friend, Ann. :-) And last month, my cell phone broke, so I got an early birthday present, a new phone!

**Edited: The mail came today (1/4) and I forgot about a gift that was ordered! I got Planet Earth: The Complete Series on DVD and my gift from Ann was a wonderful cookbook!

It's been a great day. I don't feel older. Sometimes I have a hard time picturing myself as an adult! But, that I am. I am an adult. I am a wife. I am a mother. Rachel asked me before she went to bed, "Mommy, are you 35 yet?" I said, "No baby, don't rush it, I'm only 34!!!"

I've gotten some great feedback on my blogging start. I hope you enjoy it. Jon Paul was quick to inform me when he saw it, that it was too feminine looking for it to be about the whole family! This was when I had the template with tulips on it. I should have said, "Well honey, you are outnumbered 3:1 on that!" But, being the wonderful, complying wife, I changed the template. Well, actually, I had to change it, the tulip template wouldn't load properly, so in order for it too look good, I had to change it. Guess Jon Paul jinxed it!! It's not as pretty and I'm not crazy about the new look, but at least I got to keep the favorite color. I'll change it up from time to time, but this will do for now. Until next time...


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to you! Glad you had a good day!!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! I just hit the dreaded 40 and I'm not liking that milestone much! But hey, at least I'm still alive! It could be worse!
I found you because you linked to my blog! Glad you like mine! I'm subscribing to yours. :)

The Wood Family said...

Happy Belated birthday, Jennifer! Your girls are getting so big!!!!!! Rachel is now a little lady! I hope you had a great Christmas.